"The Calling" is a historical novel set in Castile and Aragon, Spain during the 13th Century. It is the story of Lorenzo, a young man following the longing of his soul, who takes a spiritual pilgrimage from his native city of Teruel to Toledo, the spiritual center of medieval Spain. Along his particular “hero´s journey”, he encounters several adventures and tests until he arrives in the capital of Castile. In Toledo, he meets the great sages of his time who help him discover a new dimension of reality. A novel full of adventure, emotion, knowledge, romance…

Spiritual path

Find out more about the stages of the spiritual journey, and the schools of the soul that appeared in Spain during the medieval times.

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Creative process

Find out more about the creation process of the novel, the inspirational places, and the process to take the novel into the world

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Find out more about Toledo (Spain), the history of the city, the importance of the 13th century, and the art during the reign of Alphonso X.

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