"The Calling" is a historical novel set in Castile and Aragon, Spain during the 13th Century. It is the story of Lorenzo, a young man following the longing of his soul, who takes a spiritual pilgrimage from his native city of Teruel to Toledo, the spiritual center of medieval Spain. Along his particular “hero´s journey”, he encounters several adventures and tests until he arrives in the capital of Castile. In Toledo, he meets the great sages of his time who help him discover a new dimension of reality. A novel full of adventure, emotion, knowledge, romance…



Be Transported

This is a novel for the times, though it takes place centuries ago in Spain. The plot is absorbing and fluid, mixing elements of spirituality and history. The reader is transported in time and space. I highly recommend it. – by Consuela Leigh


THE CALLING captures the reader from the first words to the last; it takes you on an incredible spiritual and historic journey through medieval Spain with a hero who will never give up his true quest, purpose, and love, in spite of obstacles and even himself at times getting in his own way. This novel will not only alter the way you consider your outlook on life, it will change… Read more “Captivating”

Awesome story about the path to enlightenment

Fascinating, vibrant, phenomenal, captivating, fantastic, monumental, invincible, vibrant, spectacular…

Toledo was the great centre for multi-faith and multi-lingual learning in Europe

In this novel, set in 13th Century Spain, a young man sets out on a personal quest, travelling on foot from Aragon to Toledo. Under King Alfonso X “The Wise” of Castile, Toledo was the great centre for multi-faith and multi-lingual learning in Europe. The chapters set in medieval Toledo bring the city alive and have given me a sense of affinity, as if I actually had walked the streets… Read more “Toledo was the great centre for multi-faith and multi-lingual learning in Europe”

A spiritual adventure that transports you to another time and place.

“The Calling” introduces you to a world of mystical wonder, a place in ancient Spain, where a spiritual evolution is brewing, where astrologers are guided to teach others spiritual truths. This is a story of Lorenzo, a seeker who has to make a decision, to follow his father’s guidance or go with his longing for something more, a deep spiritual calling to venture to Toledo, where he feels the answer… Read more “A spiritual adventure that transports you to another time and place.”


Lyrical, evocative, masterfully paced and written, like nothing I’ve ever read before about a time and place that I do not know, but feel like I’ve inhabited in this wonderful debut. I was transported –and thrilled to enjoy the work of a new and already accomplished novelist! I received an early reader copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review – by Louise Foerster

Looking and finding the Spiritual Path

THE CALLING is about looking for and finding the Spiritual Path. This is clearly defined by the characters the “Seeker” Lorenzo meets and the situations he encounters in his search for enlightenment. Set in a difficult historical epoch, this is not easy. Politics and religion struggle in medieval Spain where three cultures meet in conflict not just in the social arena but at the psychological and spiritual levels. The tests… Read more “Looking and finding the Spiritual Path”