A spiritual adventure that transports you to another time and place.

“The Calling” introduces you to a world of mystical wonder, a place in ancient Spain, where a spiritual evolution is brewing, where astrologers are guided to teach others spiritual truths. This is a story of Lorenzo, a seeker who has to make a decision, to follow his father’s guidance or go with his longing for something more, a deep spiritual calling to venture to Toledo, where he feels the answer to his longing lives. His decision takes him on an incredible adventure. A lifetime of spiritual lessons, mystical meetings, sorrowful hardships as well as euphoric triumphs.
Lorenzo is human and he makes mistakes, but you feel his truth and his yearning and I found myself rooting for him, each chapter, more and more. The story, the research is undeniably top notch. A great read to be transported to another time and place filled with romance and adventure, mystically enticing with spiritual wisdom to satisfy the soul by