My name is Gonzalo S. Rey, and I love to see people expanding their possibilities, breaking limiting patterns, and having faith in themselves.

First, my life was determined by others. I studied Law, and Economics. I entered in the corporate world, went to Kenia to work for an electrical company and then to London to work in Investment Banking. One day in 2001 I asked myself: what am I here for? What is life about? From that moment I knew I had to start over.

It took me two years to take the decision to initiate my inner pilgrimage. I had reached what my family wanted for me and I was a successfull person at the eyes of the community, but my soul longed for more.

So I came back to University in Spain to study Philosophy, trying to find deep answers. I also studied spiritual traditions. Although I had no job, I knew I was going in the right path. And I walked a lot.

One day, a very good friend suggested that I should write a book. And I put all my heart and effort in the project. I walked 400km, studied the history in the 13th century of Spain and wrote a historical and spiritual novel. I self published and it is distributed in English and Spanish in 13 countries.

Regarding the novel “The Calling” these are my thoughts:

Writing this novel has been a great adventure and has brought me many gifts. I have had the opportunity to delve into an extraordinary time in the history of Spain, the 13th century, which is unknown for many people. Also, it was incredible to walk a 400 km trek between Teruel and Toledo, in a pilgrimage, which allowed me to discover so many inspirational places. It also enabled me to research the history of Spain in a way that I would not have otherwise been afforded. The novel also has helped me to discover Toledo, the city where I feel at home.

Love to you. And thank you for this opportunity. God bless you.

Gonzalo Rey (1973) holds a degree in Business Administration (University ICADE – Madrid, Spain) and a degree in Law (National Distance Education University of Spain), and graduate studies in Philosophy (National Distance Education University of Spain). After working in Kenya and London, he started his spiritual journey. He has studied and practiced the mystical traditions that germinated in Spain during the Medieval ages, which is the foundation of this novel.